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Anapol Weiss Partners Host Debut Webinar for Zantac Clients

By: Anapol Weiss

Anapol Weiss Partners Host Debut Webinar for Zantac ClientsAnapol Weiss Partners Host Debut Webinar for Zantac Clients

Anapol Weiss Shareholders Tom Anapol and Tracy Finken, along with Partner Shayna Slater, hosted the firm’s first client-facing informational webinar this week. Tracy Finken has been named co-lead counsel in the Zantac multi-district litigation, and Tom and Shayna are both nationwide leaders in mass tort pharmaceutical and product liability litigation.

The firm’s mass tort department represents clients in a variety of matters across the country, and secures some of the largest settlements in this area of law.

The hour-long webcast invited current Zantac plaintiffs to learn more about mass tort litigation in general, the particulars of the Zantac litigation process, and what to expect moving forward.

Tom Anapol recognized the difficulties the country is facing with the novel coronavirus, difficulties that are often compounded for clients who have also suffered injuries/illness at the hands of pharmaceutical companies.

“We are doing everything we can to help you and move forward in this case,” Tom shared on the webinar. “We are working to get you fairly compensated for what you’ve been put through.”

Anapol Weiss is committed to transparency and open lines of communication with all clients, and this commitment is especially important for mass tort litigation, where the firm may represent thousands of clients who were injured from the same product. The firm plans to host regular webcasts moving forward to better communicate with clients in such a large group setting.

“Communication, technology, and continuous improvement are all tenants to which our firm is committed,” Tom emphasized. “Our North Star is serving our clients. We do all that is necessary to properly service our clients.”