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Knee joint pain can seriously slow down a person’s life, and unfortunately, it’s a chronic condition for many Americans. From crippling arthritis to participation in joint-damaging sports, painful knees can stop people from engaging in their daily activities. As a way for people to resume a full life, many doctors suggest a total knee replacement. For some, it has been an answer to their daily suffering. For others, however, defective knee replacements can result in side effects worse than the chronic pain and poor range of motion they’re meant to aid.

Unfortunately, many of the medical devices that doctors implant to replace the knee have been part of a national recall. Manufacturers who either released a joint replacement device they created prematurely or negligently may be responsible for the recalled device and its consequences on patients.

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Prominent Knee Replacement Recalls

Patients who suffer as a result of these defective parts should hold the manufacturers responsible for their resulting pain and financial costs. The recalled knee replacement devices include:

  • Arthrex iBalance (recalled)
  • Aesculap Vega
  • Exactech OPTETRAK Knee and Ankle Recall Lawsuit
  • Zimmer Persona recalled non-cemented tibial
  • Depuy Synthes SIGMA cemented trochlear partial implants (recalled)

If your knee replacement system is on this list – or if you aren’t sure what device your doctor implanted during your knee replacement – call your surgeon. Some people may not notice signs of failure immediately, but there are some things to look out for if you have a knee implant the manufacturer recalled. For instance, when there is pain in the knee that has the implant or a decrease in the mobility of the knee, the implant may be failing. Pain and swelling may be signs of infection, but they can also indicate a wearing down of the joint or its loosening.

The loss of knee mobility may accompany stiffness and instability or cause a person to limp. When a knee replacement fails, the resulting revisions can be extremely challenging. Though some fail due to other causes, others fail because of a manufacturer’s design flaw. Either way, defective devices can result in serious complications.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lets manufacturers release knee implants without testing – as long as they are similar to ones already on the market – which is a dangerous precedent. Of course, most doctors and patients are unaware that the device is a problem until after the surgery, when the patient has trouble moving or has severe pain. Though the FDA does track knee replacement complications, it labels them as adverse events – a watered-down term that can truly mean anything. Complications from knee surgery, however, is more than an event. Some patients require a complete revision surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery Complication: The Next Step

Complications from a knee replacement surgery can include infection, fracture, and implant failure. If you are having trouble with your knee and a doctor has recently replaced it, then you should speak with him or her as soon as possible. Your doctor can explain what is normal in the aftermath of a knee replacement and what should be concerning. Even if your knee is not on the list of recalled devices, infection and other complications are always a factor after a major surgery.

Knee replacement revision surgery is a likely outcome for people who suffer from a recalled knee implant. Any surgery like this presents the same risks as the original surgery, with further recovery time, physical therapy and time away from work. If you’ve had a faulty implant, you shouldn’t suffer the financial consequences of someone else’s neglect.

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