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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers

The field of personal injury law is expansive and includes every accident and injury imaginable. While larger injury law firms in Philadelphia may offer a broad service scope, they often do not provide the same level of personalized support throughout the duration of a claim. At Anapol Weiss, our Philadelphia injury lawyers focus our practices in five major areas of personal injury law – general personal injuries, product liability, medical malpractice , mass tort litigation, and class action. Within these primary fields, we handle a variety of specific case types, including vehicle accident cases, medical device claims, and wrongful death claims.

In the United States, every individual accepts a certain level of personal responsibility. When someone’s reckless or malicious actions harm others, those injured have the right to seek restitution. A distracted driver, careless doctor, or greedy manufacturer can change the course of lives in an instant. At Anapol Weiss, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have committed our careers to standing up for those wronged in preventable incidents. Our attorneys are thorough, accessible, and experienced.

When you retain representation from the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss, our team of Best Lawyer and Super Lawyer-awarded attorneys will serve as your legal advocates in every way. From securing high-quality medical support to negotiating with insurance providers, we assist our clients with much more than the pursuit of a legal claim. We strive to make your life a little easier during a time of emotional, physical, and financial hardship. While you focus on recovery, we dedicate our days to obtaining justice, closure, and restitution on your behalf. Ask us anything at any time. Consider your Anapol Weiss personal injury lawyers as a friend, supporter, and legal guide.

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why choose anapol weiss?

Since 1977, Anapol Weiss has maintained a reputation of excellence in the legal community in Philadelphia and across the country. Our firm operates under a one-firm, one-mission principle: to deliver excellence in support for those we serve. Whether we’re going up against an individual or a large, public corporation, we use the same level of diligence.

If you search for a personal injury attorney online, several results will pop up. However, not all firms offer the same level of support and guidance. At Anapol Weiss, we look at the big picture in every case. We want to give you the best opportunity for maximum recovery in the future, but we’re also focused on enacting change. When you partner with our team, you may play a key role in preventing similar incidents in the future. When individuals and companies recognize the consequences of negligence, they take preventative actions. Many of our attorneys have initiated groundbreaking changes in company policies and laws for the safety of employees, customers, and the general public.

If you or someone you love suffered at the hands of another, explore your options. Long-term medical care, lost income and future wages, and the emotional and physical devastation of an injury can change lives forever. The injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss will protect your right to recovery through financial compensation and fight for justice at every step. Allow us to serve as your legal representation after a preventable accident. We will work hard to deliver the best possible outcome.

In addition to our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, our clients can reach us in Harrisburg, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and in Scottsdale, AZ. With strategic office locations around the country, our personal injury firm handles both local and nationwide cases. After any serious injury, talk to one of our attorneys to learn more about your legal right to take action.

For a private consultation, reach out to our personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA and across the country today.

A team with experience and vision
Thomas R. Anapol
Sol H. Weiss
Larry R. Cohan
Joel D. Feldman
James R. Ronca
Larry E. Coben
Gregory S. Spizer
David S. Senoff
Thomas R. Anapol Shareholder
What’s the best part about the work you do?

It's extremely gratifying to help people and right wrongs. I concentrate much of my practice on pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. It's a massive industry that over the years has put profits ahead of patient care. I firmly believe I have made a difference in my client's lives. I take tremendous pride in holding industry accountable for their actions.

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Sol H. Weiss Shareholder
How does personal injury law protect people? What is your role in that protection?

Personal injury lawyers even the playing field for people hurt by big business. We enforce the constitutional right to trial by a jury. Access to the courthouse must be preserved otherwise people will lose their right to just compensation.

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Larry R. Cohan Shareholder
What is most gratifying about the work you do?

I am passionate about representing individuals who have been victimized, typically by big corporations, chemical manufacturers, careless professionals. Most of our clients are dependent upon us to obtain justice. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing justice has been done.

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Joel D. Feldman Shareholder
What are you proudest of in your career?

In looking back at more than 30 years of practicing law, I realize how fortunate I have been to have worked with clients who put their trust in me at some of the most difficult times of their lives and who allowed me to help them secure their futures and their families' futures.

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James R. Ronca Shareholder
What are the most important traits of a good lawyer?

The most important trait is hard work and focus. I think sometimes certain law firms become almost like a mill, punching out cases with a lot of the work being done by their staff. Not a lot of thought goes into those individual cases. Proportionally, making each case truly successful requires a great amount thought and work. That’s a lawyer’s professional obligation.

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Larry E. Coben Shareholder
What are your proudest of in your career?

I'm most proud of the opportunities I've given so many clients to live their lives with honor, hope and financial security. Along the way, I've had many opportunities to make America a safer place to live by forcing corporations to improve upon the safety of every product they sell-to avoid the wrath of our civil justice system.

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Gregory S. Spizer Shareholder
What’s the best part of your job?

It's rewarding to represent individuals - you feel a lot of responsibility to do right by them. When you get the call from someone who is genuinely grateful, you feel good that you've made a difference.

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David S. Senoff Shareholder
How do class action lawsuits benefit clients?

It all comes down to this analogy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Plaintiffs in a class action are not only addressing their own problem, but they are also representing potentially thousands of people with a similar problem. When people join together to go after a common wrongdoer, they are much stronger and more powerful than if they file an individual lawsuit.

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