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Philadelphia Intubation Tube Error Lawyers

Intubation Tube Error Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA

Endotracheal intubation is a medical procedure in which a doctor, paramedic, or other health care professional inserts a tube through the patient’s mouth and down the trachea. The trachea is the large airway connecting the mouth to the lungs. Professionals carry out intubations while patients are either sedated prior to surgery or unconscious in emergency situations.

Inserting the intubation tube takes special skill, training, and tools. Improper or negligent incubation tube errors can lead to serious trachea injuries, lack of oxygen to the brain, long-term health problems, and even death. As the victim of an intubation error, you deserve to take a stand against medical malpractice. Come to the Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers at Anapol Weiss for trusted legal counsel.

About Endotracheal Intubation

Intubation is a lifesaving type of emergency medical care often provided to patients in out-of-hospital settings. In these situations, paramedics must use significant skill to maneuver the breathing tube into the correct position. Even a small mistake can lead to lack of oxygen to the brain, quickly resulting in brain damage or death. Paramedics must perform this procedure in chaotic settings in many cases, such as on the side of a highway or from inside a mangled vehicle after an accident.

There are many ways a paramedic might accidentally botch intubation, resulting in serious harms to the patient. Professionals in the hospital setting are under less environmental stress during intubation but can still make errors in the process. Improper training, not enough practice, or negligent incubation tube errors during a procedure can lead to patient injuries and deaths. Types of intubation errors include:

  • Improper placement of the tube into the esophagus
  • Tubing perforating delicate tissues
  • Accidentally dislodging or disconnecting the tube
  • Overinflating the tube
  • Placement of the tube too deep

Intubation is a delicate and complex process that requires several carefully executed steps. Whether performed in an operating room or in the field, professionals must take great care during intubation. While many complications from intubation errors are treatable, others can cause permanent injuries and even death.

Complications from Intubation Tube Errors

Most intubations do not result in serious complications. However, the risk of intubation issues increases with a negligent physician. Intubation errors can cause a wide range of health problems for the patient, including:

  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Brain damage
  • Pneumonia or infection
  • Teeth, throat soft tissue, or vocal cord damage
  • Stroke
  • Irregular arrhythmia
  • Injured or collapsed lung
  • Injury or scar from removal of the tube
  • Dislocation of the cervical spine
  • Nerve damage

If you suffered any of these complications, ask yourself whether negligence may have contributed to your injuries. This may be the case if you can’t get a straight answer from hospital personnel about the cause of your injuries. Speak to an attorney at Anapol Weiss for more in-depth information about your specific case.

Our lawyers will protect your rights, investigate the alleged party responsible, and get to the bottom of what caused your injuries. We know how to recognize medical malpractice in intubation-related injuries, and may be just what you need to serve justice to the responsible party.

Why Trust Anapol Weiss?

There are several potential defendants in any intubation tube errors case. Emergency room physicians, paramedics, anesthesiologists, and nurses routinely perform intubations. You must also investigate whether poorly maintained equipment or improper training contributed to your injuries, in which case you may be able to name the hospital as a defendant.

Anapol Weiss can help you identify the defendant(s), file a claim with the Pennsylvania courts, and gather any evidence that exists to prove medical malpractice. We’ll be by your side every step of the way. To find out if you may be able to receive compensation for an intubation error, contact us today.