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Philadelphia Failure to Diagnose Skin Cancer Lawyers

Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA

Failure to diagnose skin cancer can result in prolonged treatments, multiple surgeries, and a lowered survival rate. If you’ve suffered damages such as lost quality of life, medical costs, or pain and suffering because a doctor negligently failed to diagnose your cancer, contact Anapol Weiss. Our Philadelphia failure to diagnose skin cancer lawyers want to discuss your case in more detail and help you file a claim if applicable.

Doctors diagnose more people with skin cancer worldwide than any other type of cancer. Skin cancer is a unique disease in that timely diagnosis and treatment of most types leads to an almost 100% survival rate, while delayed treatment can result in failure to recover altogether. Detecting, diagnosing, and treating skin cancer in a timely manner is critical to the prognosis of the patient. Doctors who fail to diagnose skin cancer may be guilty of medical malpractice. Let the attorneys at Anapol Weiss help you pursue a medical misdiagnosis claim in Philadelphia.

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About Skin Cancer Diagnosis

There are several prominent types of skin cancer that doctors should be on the lookout for during checkups, including melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and actinic keratosis. There are certain genetic and environmental factors that increase the risk of developing skin cancer, such as sun exposure, family history, moles, and weakened immune systems. It is a doctor or dermatologist’s job to assess each patient and notice warning signs for different skin cancers.

Once a doctor notices risk factors, he/she should take measures to detect and prevent skin cancer. This may include removing questionable moles, performing biopsies, or conducting regular skin examinations. Doctors should know what to look for to diagnose skin cancer, such as changing moles or skin marks that look suspicious. Failure to diagnose skin cancer is often nothing short of medical malpractice since reasonably competent doctors have the ability to identify red flags for skin cancer and order the appropriate tests.

Failure to diagnose skin cancer can significantly lower the patient’s chances of survival. Many forms of skin cancer are aggressive and spread quickly through the body and organs without treatment. The longer it takes for a doctor to make the diagnosis, the more time the cancer has to spread and cause harm. After enough time has passed, the patient may have lost the chance of recovery. Don’t let skin cancer go without repercussions. The responsible doctor should face legal consequences for his/her professional negligence.

How to Prove Failure to Diagnose Skin Cancer in Philadelphia

In Pennsylvania, a person cannot file for medical malpractice without submitting a certificate of merit, or affidavit, within 60 days of the original claim submission. This certificate must state that a licensed professional has supplied a written statement of a reasonable probability that the defendant’s actions fell below the acceptable standards of care, and that this caused the plaintiff’s harms. To obtain this certificate, seek help from an attorney.

The lawyers at Anapol Weiss partners with experts across industries to make the affidavit process fast and efficient. We understand state and local laws for bringing medical malpractice claims as well as the requirements for proving a case. A victim of failure to diagnose skin cancer must prove the defendant breached his/her duties and this breach caused harm. The plaintiff often needs an expert to testify regarding the defendant’s negligence. An expert witness can explain why another doctor would have diagnosed the skin cancer in a timely manner.

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Do not go through the legal process in Philadelphia alone. Get professional legal counsel from the experienced team at Anapol Weiss. Our medical malpractice attorneys have firsthand experience with failure to diagnose cases, and we have won billions of dollars in settlements and judgments on behalf of our clients. With us by your side, you can maximize your odds of recovery for failure to diagnose skin cancer.