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  • Legal Insights: Achieving Justice in Commercial Vehicle Accidents

    May 16, 2024

    Securing knowledgeable legal representation is crucial if you or a loved one have been involved in a truck or tractor-trailer accident in Pennsylvania. These accidents often involve complex legal challenges that require professional navigation. At Anapol Weiss, our skilled Philadelphia injury attorneys are committed to providing the comprehensive legal support necessary to advocate for your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. This article aims to guide you through the intricacies of commercial...
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  • Larry E. Coben Advocates for Enhanced Vehicle Safety Technologies to Protect Pedestrians

    May 14, 2024

    In a compelling article featured in the Legal Intelligencer, Larry E. Coben, a leading product liability attorney, addresses the critical need for improved collision avoidance systems (CAS) in vehicles to enhance pedestrian safety. Coben highlights the troubling increase in pedestrian fatalities and injuries over the years and critiques the slow adoption of effective CAS by vehicle manufacturers. Despite available technologies like forward collision warnings and automatic emergency braking, Coben argues that these systems often fall short...
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  • Johnson & Johnson Trying to Walk Away From the Women It Injured

    May 13, 2024

    Our court system was established over one thousand years ago to ensure that all people are treated equally under the law and that all persons have a fair trial by a jury of their peers to determine their fate. Sadly, the media today plays a role in how courts operate. Johnson & Johnson has filed twice for bankruptcy in the lawsuits related to allegations that its talcum powder caused ovarian cancer in women, and twice the...
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  • Yes, We Are Still Taking Transvaginal Mesh Cases

    May 12, 2024

    About 10 years ago, you may recall news about a series of lawsuits against the manufacturers of transvaginal mesh. Women brought these lawsuits because of the serious complications they suffered from implanted mesh, resulting in an array of debilitating injuries. These injuries included erosion of the mesh within the vaginal canal or another organ, pain and discomfort, infection, and vaginal scarring. The manufacturers knew of these complications but failed to adequately warn women and physicians...
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  • What Are Your Rights After a Power Line Electrocution Injury in Pennsylvania?

    May 3, 2024

    Power line electrocution injuries are more common than many people realize. These accidents can happen in an instant, and the effects can last a lifetime, leaving victims and their families often facing not just severe physical injuries but deep emotional and financial hardships as well. This blog aims to guide you through the essential steps to take after a power line electrocution, the nature of these injuries, your legal rights in Pennsylvania, and how legal...
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  • Marni S. Berger Shares Essential Insights on Representing Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

    May 2, 2024

    In a recent publication in the Legal Intelligencer, Marni S. Berger, a distinguished partner at Anapol Weiss and an advocate for sexual abuse victims, outlines "10 Steps for Success in Representing a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse." This guide is a vital resource for legal professionals navigating the complexities of such sensitive cases. Berger emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundational relationship with clients and limiting their exposure to the stresses of legal proceedings. Her...
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  • How Do Accident Investigators Determine How Fast a Car Was Going?

    Apr 24, 2024

    Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. You're likely filled with questions and a strong desire for justice. One key question often arises: "How fast was the car going?" Understanding the speed at which vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident is not just a matter of curiosity—it's a crucial piece of the puzzle in determining what happened and who is at fault. At Anapol Weiss, we recognize the importance...
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  • What Are Your Rights When Skin Cancer Goes Undiagnosed?

    Apr 10, 2024

    Imagine going to the doctor because you're worried about a spot on your skin. You trust them to tell you if it's something serious, like skin cancer. But what if they don't catch it? What if that spot was cancerous, and it gets worse because it wasn't diagnosed early? This situation is more than just a medical error; it's a life-altering oversight that could have been prevented. Skin cancer, when identified early, can often be...
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  • UPDATE: Proton Pump Inhibitor Litigation (“PPI”) – Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, Dexilant

    Apr 8, 2024

    In August of 2017, this Multi-District Litigation (“MDL”) was assigned to the Honorable Claire Cecchi in the District Court of New Jersey. As of August of 2023, there were approximately 12,500 cases pending in the MDL, making the PPI (proton-pump inhibitor) MDL the 5th largest in the country. The crux of these claims involve the failure of the defendant-manufacturer pharmaceutical companies to warn patients and healthcare providers about the risk of serious kidney injury associated...
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  • Lawsuits Against Foreign Manufacturers: Difficulties Obtaining Jurisdiction

    Apr 5, 2024

    Published: The Legal Intelligencer Every day, consumers, workers, and sports enthusiasts use products made in other countries and then imported to the United States. Imports of consumer goods to the United States reached an all-time high in 2022. Americans’ reliance on and use of products designed, manufactured, and then imported to the U.S. from overseas creates significant legal issues when a consumer is injured, maimed, or killed using one of these products. One very profound legal...
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