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Blog: Bus Accident

  • Seat Belts, Buses and Trains: Perfect Together or Not?

    Jan 24, 2022

    When bus and train manufacturers market their vehicles without providing the purchaser with the option to use a safe restraint system, why shouldn’t they do so at their financial peril? After all, isn’t that what it has done to the students and train passengers who get on board every day? Recently, a Washington to New York Amtrak commuter train derailed and at least six people died and over a hundred were rushed to nearby hospitals. This...
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  • Bus Accident Compensation: Settlement & Claim Guide

    Apr 22, 2020

    Millions of Americans take public transportation every day. In fact, last year alone the American Public Transportation Association reported over 9 million trips. In Pennsylvania, over 1,500,000 children use a school bus daily. This makes for a lot of motor vehicle traffic on the roads and highways. Causes: Bus accidents can be caused by a number of variables. From bad road conditions, driver impairment, to bus company negligence. There are several instances where the bus driver or...
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  • Long Island Journey Bus Lines Crash into Low Overpass Injuring Huntington Students Continues a Dangerous Trend

    Apr 10, 2018

    The bus accident April 9th that injured many of the 38 Huntington student passengers on board is yet further confirmation of an alarming trend- collisions between commercial busses and low overpasses. On April 9th, a bus carrying dozens of students, struck a low-clearance overpass on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway. Initial reports indicate that the driver, who was unfamiliar with commercial vehicle restrictions on the parkway, was relying upon a GPS device which did not provide...
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  • What to Do if You’re a Passenger in a Bus Accident

    Mar 3, 2016

    Passengers who ride on a bus entrust the bus driver and the owner of the bus with their safety and well-being. Unfortunately, thousands of buses are involved in crashes in the U.S. every year. Bus accidents have the potential to be much more complex than crashes involving smaller vehicles. There are more victims involved as well as more responsible parties. Due to the lack of airbags and seat belts on buses, injuries can be much more...
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