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With walking-friendly sidewalks, networks of trails, and a navigable city center, many residents and visitors choose to walk around Philadelphia instead of drive. Walking offers many health benefits and an increasing number of advocacy groups encourage locals to get out and walk during nice weather.

Although our community boasts these opportunities for the walking enthusiasts, many sidewalks traverse dangerous intersections and sit alongside busy thoroughfares. One careless mistake can cause a serious pedestrian accident. The pedestrian accident attorneys at Anapol Weiss handle all pedestrian accident cases in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.

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Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Over the past year, pedestrian accidents made headlines more than once. Augmented reality games encourage people to get outside, but they also encourage distracted walking behaviors – something that can be as dangerous as distracted driving. In 2016, pedestrians were involved in 4,200 crashes, and 172 people lost their lives in pedestrian-related accidents. The most common causes of injuries included crossing the street and walking/running/jogging/playing. Other accidents happen when vehicles fail to look closely before leaving an alleyway or when driving in parking lots.

In pedestrian-related accidents, the pedestrian, a passenger vehicle driver, or a bicyclist may bear responsibility for resulting injuries. To determine liability, investigators will look closely at the circumstances surrounding the incident. The behaviors of those involved, the presence of alcohol, and the rules of the road will all factor into the determination of liability.

While motor vehicle drivers must use a higher duty of care around pedestrians, pedestrians cannot walk into a street unexpectedly and assume that a vehicle will stop. Pedestrians who defy or ignore traffic laws may not secure compensation in the wake of an incident.

Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents often experience the full force of impact without any protection. They may suffer disfigurement, burns, complex fractures, amputations, and traumatic brain injuries as a result of the incident. Many of these injuries may lead to life-altering and long-term consequences. Some pedestrians will never fully recover while others may lose their lives. A preventable pedestrian accident can change family dynamics and lead to extensive emotional trauma. Often, a civil claim provides the only form of justice and opportunity for restitution.

Obtaining Compensation in Pedestrian Accidents

In pedestrian cases, many of our clients ask us about insurance coverage and how it works. Since Pennsylvania is a choice no-fault car insurance state, a pedestrian may tap into his or her own PIP (personal injury protection) policy to receive compensation in some cases. If another individual was at fault, his or her insurance may cover the associated costs. If a motor vehicle driver does not carry auto insurance and the pedestrian does not carry auto insurance, the injured parties may face limited opportunities for restitution.

To determine liability, the role of insurance, and your ability to file a civil claim against those responsible, consult an attorney who specializes in pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. At Anapol Weiss, our Philadelphia personal injury team will investigate every possibility to protect your right to seek fair compensation. In a pedestrian accident claim, you may receive damages to cover all medical expenses, lost income, lost earning capability, and loss of quality of life associated with the incident.

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If you or a loved one suffered in a pedestrian-related accident, don’t lose hope. You have the right to take legal action against those responsible. You have the right to fight for fair compensation. At Anapol Weiss, our attorneys have dedicated their careers to helping accident victims through the difficult aftermath of an injury. We can help you find qualified medical support, stop bill collections, and pursue civil actions to obtain damages. If you’re searching for a respected and compassionate personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, PA, reach out to Anapol Weiss.