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What is Strict Liability in a Products Liability Case?

By: Anapol Weiss

Victims who have been harmed by defective products often have special rules on their side with regard to recovering damages. Depending on the specific state’s law, a person may be able to seek compensation against the manufacturer or seller of the dangerous product based on three special theories – one of which is strict liability.

Typically, injured victims who have filed a product liability lawsuit must show another party’s negligence or carelessness led to their injuries. However, it would be very difficult for one person to show how a manufacturer or seller was careless in producing a product that was sold to the general public. To combat this issue, a special doctrine known as strict liability was developed in products liability law, which allows a person unexpectedly injured by a defective product to recover compensation from the manufacturer or regular seller of that product – without proving their negligence.

All three of the following conditions must exist for a person to assert strict liability:

  1. The product is unsafe because of a poorly designed feature or flawed manufactured feature which caused serious injury or death.

  1. The defect produced the injury while being used in a foreseeable manner.

  1. The product wasn’t substantially changed from its original condition.

Manufacturers and sellers sometimes have a defense against a person’s strict liability claim. If a defect became apparent to the product’s user before the injury and he or she voluntarily assumed the danger of the product, the victim may have given up the right to claim injury damages.

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