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Managing Partner Sol Weiss Interviewed on The Rankings Podcast

By: Anapol Weiss

Managing Partner Sol Weiss Interviewed on The Rankings PodcastManaging Partner Sol Weiss Interviewed on The Rankings Podcast

Anapol Weiss Managing Partner Sol H. Weiss talks trial litigation, employee development, and reputation on the Rankings Podcast. Sol joined Chris Dreyer of for the 21st episode on the legal podcast, which interviews elite and entrepreneurial personal injury attorneys. The podcast’s topics ranged from Sol’s early years and his involvement with high-profile litigation, to advice for both young and seasoned attorneys wanting to grow and thrive.

Top tips for lawyers

An important theme throughout the episode was Sol’s top advice for aspiring attorneys.

“They most important thing for a lawyer is credibility,” Sol shared. “You’ve got to be highly focused on what’s the most important aspect in your case.”

Other important tips Sol emphasized were looking at a case from the defense’s side, learning to tell a simple story, and being willing to work like a dog.

Chris and Sol discussed several of the unique and high-profile litigation cases Sol has helped spearhead, including Fen-Phen and NFL Concussion—and how overnight success is a myth. It’s the hard work over years of building expertise and experience that allows an attorney to handle a big class action with skill and aplomb.

“The first thing that I would tell young lawyers [is] you need to work up the damages,” Sol said of getting maximum value of cases. “A lot of time lawyers get focused only on liability. But it’s the unique situation of your client that is really compelling.”

It’s about the client

For Sol, the thing that motivates him above all else is helping people and securing justice. “My mantra is I like to change people’s lives. I like to give them a fair shot. I want them to spend the rest of their life not worrying about where the next dollar is coming from, or how they’re going to get medical treatment.”

In order to have the energy and motivation to work so hard, you have to love what you do.

“I like that I can change the world. And that’s what litigation does. If there’s some bad practices, and you force a trial or you fall, you force a defendant to rethink what they do. You make the world a safer place.”

Where to listen

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Sol Weiss is a Shareholder at Anapol Weiss and an award-winning attorney who has handled numerous national lawsuits. Sol concentrates his practice on personal injury, product liability and pharmaceutical litigation.