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Shareholder James R. Ronca Leads CLE Webinar

By: Anapol Weiss

Shareholder James R. Ronca Leads CLE WebinarShareholder James R. Ronca Leads CLE Webinar

Anapol Weiss Shareholder James R. Ronca lead a webinar for the Bar Association of Lehigh County this week entitled, “Beyond Crashworthiness: Liability for Failure to Include Collision Avoidance Systems.” The webinar allowed attendees to earn Continuing Legal Credits as part of their participation.

What is “crashworthiness?”

In his presentation, Jim covered the basic tenants of crashworthiness, but the focus of the seminar was going “Beyond Crashworthiness” to discuss how collision avoidance technology (CAT) avoids the crash altogether, and how the failure to include the technology in recent models can lead to potential liability. “Crashworthiness” is a legal theory that an injury is enhanced because a vehicle design insufficiently protects the occupant. Liability for CAT safety systems is different because CAT can help prevent any injury at all. CAT safety systems have been available for cars and trucks since at least 2011 and when a manufacturer puts vehicles on the market today without sufficient safety systems, consumers are put at risk. This is something personal injury attorneys must be aware of when litigating cases involving potential product liability.

Jim’s presentation was praised by attendees as informative, interesting, and “one of the best presentations I’ve attended in a long time.” Jim himself was praised as “organized, cool and calm”—even with the winds of Tropical Storm Isaias thrashing his window!

Jim Ronca has been teaching CLEs on crashworthiness, vehicle accident liability, and other areas of personal injury law for 33 years. He is an award-winning attorney who has served in numerous legal leadership roles, including co-lead counsel in three national multidistrict litigations (MDL). Jim has won numerous high settlements in cases involving crashworthiness, truck crashes, and general motor vehicle cases. To learn more about Jim and to get in touch, please visit his bio.