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Miriam Barish Wins $6M Settlement for Truck Accident Victim

By: Anapol Weiss


Anapol Weiss Shareholder Miriam Barish and her Associate Bob Devine secured a $6 million settlement for Cheryl Sarno. Ms. Sarno was working at UPS in their Philadelphia yard, when she was struck and run over by a visiting tractor-trailer operated by the Defendant, John Fanelli. Ms. Sarno suffered a horrific degloving injury to her leg, necessitating multiple skin grafts and surgeries to repair.

Defendant Fanelli admitted he saw Cheryl walking near his tractor trailer, yet failed to confirm her location or sound his horn before backing up and running her over.  Discovery revealed that this was much more than a simple pedestrian accident case. Fanelli had a record replete with careless driving and showed a complete lack of concern for safety by  Fanelli and his employer.

Miriam Barish, Esq. and Cheryl SarnoMiriam Barish, Esq. and Cheryl Sarno