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Medication Errors Resulting from Pharmacy Mistakes

By: Anapol Weiss

Millions of people trust pharmacists every day to fill their medications, but adults and children have been killed by pharmacy errors after being sent home with the incorrect drug or dose.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are sometimes pressured to move quickly in order to fill a long list of prescriptions. Unfortunately, it’s the unsuspecting patients who suffer the consequences when pharmacy errors result from too much haste.

Prescription Interaction Problems

Interactions between medications can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Even taking over-the-counter drugs with prescriptions can cause severe adverse reactions. Physicians and pharmacists should always be aware and notify patients of any possible interactions that could occur between the prescription medications they are taking. These interactions are sometimes overlooked, which can create a deadly situation for patients.

Filing Lawsuits for Pharmacy Errors

The medical malpractice lawyers at Anapol Weiss are committed to ensuring patients and their families get justice for injuries caused by preventable medication errors due to pharmacy mistakes. If it happened to you or a loved one, contact our firm for assistance.