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Larry E. Coben Advocates for Enhanced Vehicle Safety Technologies to Protect Pedestrians

By: Anapol Weiss

In a compelling article featured in the Legal Intelligencer, Larry E. Coben, a leading product liability attorney, addresses the critical need for improved collision avoidance systems (CAS) in vehicles to enhance pedestrian safety. Coben highlights the troubling increase in pedestrian fatalities and injuries over the years and critiques the slow adoption of effective CAS by vehicle manufacturers.

Despite available technologies like forward collision warnings and automatic emergency braking, Coben argues that these systems often fall short in real-world conditions, particularly in detecting pedestrians during nighttime or in adverse weather conditions. He stresses the importance of more rigorous testing and standardization to ensure these technologies truly safeguard pedestrians.

Coben's article calls for immediate action from manufacturers and regulatory bodies to make these safety features standard, pointing out that the delayed implementation of CAS is a significant oversight with dire consequences. He advocates for the legal accountability of manufacturers in ensuring pedestrian safety through better-designed technologies.

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