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Kila Baldwin Joins Anapol Weiss

By: Anapol Weiss

Anapol Weiss Proudly Announces the Appointment of Kila Baldwin as an Equity Shareholder

Kila Baldwin Joins Anapol WeissKila Baldwin Joins Anapol Weiss

Baldwin has long been recognized as one of the nation’s leading trial lawyers for high-end catastrophic injuries related to medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury matters.

In recent years, Baldwin was lead or co-lead in vaginal mesh cases resulting in verdicts of $80 million, $57.1 million, and $40 million, and was also on the trial team that received a $109 million verdict in a downed power line case in Allegheny County.

Most recently, Baldwin obtained a $9.7 million verdict in a neurosurgical medical malpractice case, with the product liability portion of that case previously settling for $12.75 million. Baldwin got two verdicts during the COVID pandemic, and also previously participated in the settlement of a class action case for $35 million and a catastrophic birth injury case for $20 million and received an $8.75 million verdict against Ford for a defective parking brake.

Earlier this year, Sol Weiss of Anapol Weiss and his team hit disgraced former judges with over a $100 million compensatory and a $100M punitive damage verdict in the Kids for Cash travesty in Scranton Pa.

Weiss remarks that “Kila’s commitment to actual trial work is of great importance to us – there are so few lawyers who can do what she can do in a courtroom. Her proven track record of success speaks for itself. We have incredible attorneys at our firm, and we have no doubt she will help grow our already thriving practice.”

Baldwin also brings a long track record of leadership in local and national attorney organizations focused on protecting the rights of injured victims.

She is the current President of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice and on the board of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers and the Attorney Information Exchange Group, which focuses on auto products liability and transportation-related litigation.

Larry Coben of Anapol was instrumental in founding AIEG and is commonly referred to as the godfather of the organization. Baldwin is excited to practice with Larry and Jim Ronca in this area and continue to expand the firm’s large crashworthiness and complex collision practice. Baldwin’s unique experience with electrocution cases has also led her to chair the American Association of Justice’s power line contact litigation group. She brings with her several high-profile electrocution cases.

Tom Anapol and Jim Ronca of Anapol Weiss are both past presidents of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice. Weiss comments “Leadership in our trial lawyer associations has always been a critical component of our vision to do our part to seek justice and advance the cause of victims’ rights. Kila continues that tradition as the current president of PAJ.”

Baldwin left Kline & Specter after nearly 18 years in July to form her own firm. She rapidly grew a large catastrophic injury practice and was elated by the opportunity presented to her by Tom Anapol and Sol Weiss to join their firm. Anapol Weiss, a nationally recognized powerhouse mass torts firm. The firm expects that Baldwin can continue to grow her personal injury practice and try mass tort cases with their team.

Baldwin characterizes the move to Anapol Weiss as “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an exponential impact in the lives of the people I help as a lawyer.”

Tom Anapol, managing shareholder of Anapol Weiss, asserts that Baldwin adds unique strength to an already immensely talented group of lawyers:

“Kila is very well-known in the national legal community, yet those of us who have known her for years appreciate what a truly outstanding person and practitioner she is. She adds immeasurable depth to our firm leadership structure. With the addition of Kila to our ranks, we are proud to continue to advance our vision of growing our firm diversity. Kila joins Miriam Barish and Tracy Finken both outstanding lawyers and leaders in the legal community. She brings with her an extraordinarily large book of business, and we are excited to have Kila on our mass tort cases, but we are most excited to add Kila’s boundless energy to our firm culture.”

Co-founder Sol Weiss Observes that Baldwin Brings a Track Record of Big Wins to the Firm:

“Kila is a perfect fit for Anapol Weiss, given our history as leaders in mass tort, product liability, and personal injury litigation. She has consistently taken her career to the next level and defined herself by more significant wins for her clients in each stage of her career. We are so fortunate to have Kila join us with her best work clearly ahead of her. I expect her to continue to grow the legacy of what we created over my 50 year career at the firm.”

The firm’s storied history and continued commitment to justice is one of the points of intersection between the career trajectory of the firm’s leadership team and Kila Baldwin.

“For any litigator to do their best work, they need to begin each day motivated to do the best for all their clients and the knowledge that their firm stands behind them at every turn. From my first conversations with Tom and Sol, I knew our work was aligned. I’m excited to see what we can all do together to help improve as many people’s lives as possible.”

Also joining Baldwin will be Jordan Solarz, a seasoned nursing home attorney who will be managing his own nursing home practice at Anapol Weiss, and Jillian Casarella, an associate who has worked closely with Kila and plays an ever-growing role in advancing and trying her cases.

Anapol Weiss has primary offices in Philadelphia and Scottsdale.