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Juul Complaints: What Burning Throats and Other Unseen Health Risks Mean for You

By: Anapol Weiss

Juul vape devices became synonymous with the hobby of vaping, a nicotine delivery method that relies on atomizing a liquid solution rather than burning leaf tobacco. It quickly became not just a way to use nicotine, but a status symbol, as vaping became the newest way to look cool while relaxing with friends and coworkers.

The problem is that while it was portrayed as an alternative to smoking, mounting Juul complaints and a thorough review by health providers and experts shows that it’s anything but safe.

How The Juul Device Works

The Juul device revolutionized vaping by offering the mass market a way to vape without the need for an expensive or complex “box mod” device that required building or assembling components yourself. A flavor pod, pre-filled with nicotine e-juice is loaded into the slender USB-charged device.

As you inhale through the mouthpiece, it triggers an electric coil to heat wicking that’s soaked in the e-juice. This application of high heat vaporizes the liquid, which is then drawn into the mouth and lungs, which are often central to Juul complaints about negative effects.

The e-juice used over the years contained anywhere from 1% to 5% nicotine, with the stronger 5% concentration being the most popular with many of their customers. This juice was commonly flavored in sweet and fun combinations, such as cotton candy, strawberry, or custard.

Because of this, Juul faced widespread accusations of marketing to kids as youth vaping became known simply as “Juuling”. In response, the FDA banned flavors other than tobacco or menthol in pre-filled cartridge and pod based vaping systems while numerous Attorneys General have begun lawsuits against Juul and other manufacturers.

The Health Impact Of Vaping

Far from being safe, vaping has been linked to several preventable respiratory conditions. The American Lung Association reviewed over 800 case studies and found evidence of dangerous chemicals in e-liquids themselves and that, when exposed to the heat necessary to atomize the liquid into a vapor, by products could include even more dangerous compounds, such as formaldehyde.

As you draw this vapor into your lung, these chemicals can be absorbed through your oral mucosa, potentially causing the characteristic Juul burning throat sensation, and inside your lungs where these toxins can enter both tissues and the bloodstream.

Juul complaints include a host of serious and life-altering diseases and conditions. Vaping can impair the function of your lungs, leading to asthma, decreased capacity, and bronchitis, a respiratory infection. Additionally, several forms of pneumonia, a dangerous illness in which the lungs fill with fluid, can occur.

There are also longer-lasting illnesses, such as popcorn lung, which have been linked to vaping, and some e-liquid ingredients are carcinogenic, meaning they can increase your risk of or may cause cancer.

As these chemicals are absorbed into your body, they enter the bloodstream and are spread throughout your tissues. This can lead to heart disease and other cardiac complications, like myocardial infarctions. Some of the primary ingredients, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, are highly toxic to any cells, increasing the potential for systemic damage even further.

Like cigarette smoke, second-hand vapor can be just as dangerous to those around you who may breathe in these same chemicals. The fatigue, coughing, chest pain, and other health complications common in Juul complaints are very different from the image promoted of vaping as a fun and safe hobby for you and your friends.

Physical Vaping Hazards

As if these health concerns weren’t enough, some users have found that their vape devices were literal time-bombs. Powered by lithium batteries, using the cheapest electronics components available, and fragile cases and tanks that easily burst have led to catastrophic equipment failures.

From accidental activation in pockets to short circuits and even battery failure, defective equipment can explode. This can potentially lead to crippling or disfiguring injuries, pain, and suffering. It can also cause fires and impact damage property.

Youth Vaping or Juuling

Particularly troubling is the ease with which minors have been able to get ahold of these devices, leading to an increase in Juul complaints among users below the age of 18.

The bodies of children and teens are still developing, and introducing harmful, toxic chemicals at this stage in their lives can have long-lasting effects. The availability of sweet candy, pastry, and dessert flavors have made Juul and other eCigs highly attractive to younger users, and the avoidable illnesses vaping can cause make this trend of Juuling all the more tragic.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured By a Juul Device

If you were injured by defective vaping equipment or have experienced one of the health-related Juul complaints above, you don’t have to suffer alone.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for your rights to fair compensation that can help mitigate the medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering you’re dealing with. It all starts with a phone call for a free consultation.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers will do a Juul health review of your symptoms and other factors that led to your injury. They’ll talk with you about your claim’s potential, and what steps are available.

They’re ready to make your case their cause, fighting for the best settlement possible and taking your case to court if necessary. If you have an injury or illness related to vaping, contact Anapol Weiss for a free consultation and the personal attention you deserve today.