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Football is Back – Celebrate Responsibly

By: Anapol Weiss

The Birds are back for another raucous season, with opening weekend just a couple days away. But before you hit the field this Sunday, make safe choices and celebrate responsibly.

From 2006-2016, there were 53,721 DUI arrests in Philly – and roughly 8% of those arrests occurred on Sundays during football season.

Stay Safe on Game Day

  • Drink responsibly. It only takes an average 180-lb man about 4 drinks over the course of a couple hours to hit the legal .08 blood alcohol limit.
  • Plan ahead for a safe ride home. There’s no shortage of ridesharing services in Philly. Avoiding a DUI and a dangerous situation is as easy as hailing a taxi, calling an Uber, or hailing a Lyft.
  • Follow the Code of Conduct. Lincoln Financial Field has a Code of Conduct that prohibits excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Walking home drunk is dangerous. Roughly 12% of alcohol-related fatalities in Pennsylvania involved intoxicated pedestrians.

Be mindful, stay safe, and Fly Eagles Fly!