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Transverse Myelitis: A Rare but Serious Vaccine Injury

By: Anapol Weiss

Transverse myelitis is a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. People with the condition can suffer lifelong, debilitating and complications.

As a rare vaccine side effect, transverse myelitis develops unexpectedly, often beginning as an onset of lower back pain or muscle weakness. Symptoms can quickly progress to paralysis, urinary retention and loss of bowel control. It’s rare to develop transverse myelitis as an adverse reaction to a vaccine, but the condition can leave a healthy person with permanent disabilities that impair his or her ability to perform everyday tasks.

There’s no known cure for the condition. Corticosteroids and painkillers can alleviate symptoms and decrease inflammation, and plasma exchange is sometimes used to try to regain some neurological function. Caregivers have to manually move patients’ limbs to keep them from weakening or developing pressure sores.

In addition to the physical and emotional trauma of the situation, resulting complications often come with lifelong expenses. A person who becomes wheelchair bound may need accessibility ramps and railings installed in the home. Patients may also undergo physical, occupational or vocational therapy to begin to rebuild independence with everyday tasks such as dressing.

Transverse myelitis that develops after a vaccination is no one’s fault, but victims may be able to seek compensation for the life-altering problems brought on by the condition.

If you or a family member developed transverse myelitis, we can help. Contact our firm to speak with a vaccine injury lawyer and find out if you’re eligible to seek compensation through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Through the VICP, Anapol Weiss has successfully represented numerous people who developed rare vaccine injuries including transverse myelitis. We can investigate your situation and explain the next steps if you or a family member developed an adverse reaction to a vaccine. We can answer your legal questions and begin the claim process at no cost to you.