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What is a Negligent Security Lawsuit?

By: Anapol Weiss

Owners of property and businesses have a duty to protect their customers and tenants on their premises from unreasonable dangers including criminal acts.

An injured person is able to bring a negligent security suit based on the duty imposed on landowners and possessors of property to offer reasonable security measures and protect lawful visitors from foreseeable crimes of third parties. Negligent security assumes that the crime could have been prevented or at least made less likely by using appropriate security measures.

Many crime victims may have a meritorious civil claim. Landlords, apartment complexes, malls and other businesses have a legal duty to be vigilant and protect their customers and tenants from foreseeable criminal attacks. If an apartment complex or mall parking lot is the site of numerous violent crimes, the property owners or landlords have a duty to take measures to try and deter future crimes from occurring for the safety of their tenants and guests.

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