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Car Accidents: What if The Police Report Is Wrong?

By: Anapol Weiss

Police reports can be a great benefit to motor vehicle crash victims, as they authoritatively describe the accident scene. In addition to documenting the parties involved, a police report will likely provide information about vehicle damage, injuries, and how the accident may have happened.

If a person files an insurance claim or car accident lawsuit, the police report is one of the first pieces of documentary evidence that attorneys and insurance adjusters will review. While it’s typically not admissible in court, a police report can be a crucial tool in determining liability.

However, police reports occasionally contain mistakes that illustrate a different picture than what really occurred. When that happens, is there anything victims can do to make it right?

Challenging A Police Report

An amendment can sometimes be made to a police report, but there must be strong and conclusive evidence that the original information is incorrect. An error of fact, such as an incorrect phone number or car model, can be corrected by producing proof or documentation of the correct information. The officer can then change the error in the report or attach an addendum to explain the error.

It’s more difficult is to amend a police report when the change needed involves specific rhetoric used, such as a witness’s inaccurate description of the auto collision or a misrepresentation of a person’s statement after the crash. Often in these situations, the best remedy is to write your own observations related to the accident and ask that this document be attached to the police report. However, it is generally up to the officer to add this new information.

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Hiring an award-winning Philadelphia injury attorney can be a great tool in overcoming obstacles associated with an incorrect police report. An accident attorney can gather additional evidence and launch a deeper investigation in order to prove who was really responsible for the crash. Having an experienced law firm in your corner can make a huge difference in your case.

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