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Umbilical Cord Accidents and Medical Negligence

By: Anapol Weiss

An umbilical cord accident disrupts blood flow through the cord to an unborn baby’s body. A cord-related accident is rare, but it is one of the causes of stillbirth and must be treated with immediate attention.

Medical staff must act quickly to recognize and remedy conditions during labor or delivery to prevent harm to a newborn. A delay in action or failure to act may be considered medical negligence.

An umbilical cord accident may involve:

  • A knotted or compressed cord

  • A ruptured blood vessel in the cord

  • A prolapsed umbilical cord

Medical risk factors for an umbilical cord accident – such as having too little amniotic fluid – can often be detected and monitored by a physician during standard prenatal care. Most parents don’t know about these matters, but it’s the physician’s duty to know and to be watchful.

When Preventable Injuries Occur from an Umbilical Cord Accident

An untreated umbilical cord accident can result in permanent brain damage. As a result, affected children could face lifelong health problems. When medical negligence in the delivery room diminishes a child’s quality of life, those involved must take responsibility for changing the course of a family’s life.

Contact the birth injury lawyers at Anapol Weiss if your child died or suffered brain damage as a result of an umbilical cord accident. We can help.