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The Benefits of Accident Reconstruction: Q&A with Jim Ronca

By: Anapol Weiss

Working with reconstruction experts plays a huge role in discovering evidence about the events before and during an auto accident. Anapol Weiss Shareholder Jim Ronca answers a few questions about accident reconstruction and how it benefits clients.

What is accident reconstruction?

After a complex car or truck accident occurs, experts use fundamental scientific principles of investigation to determine factors such as: the speed of the vehicles involved, where and how the impact happened, weather conditions and visibility issues, the consistency of injuries to the crash, and much more.

When is accident reconstruction used?

Certain auto accidents are extremely complex and require a more thorough investigation to determine the cause of the crash and who was at fault. Auto collisions involving large vehicles or construction equipment usually mean devastating property damage. Large pileups create a tangle of vehicles, and determining the series of events can be difficult. Accident reconstruction helps us figure out why the accident took place, which driver did what, and whether other factors like roadway defects came into play.

How does accident reconstruction benefit clients?

After a serious trucking accident or a crash involving another type of commercial vehicle, the company involved and its insurers will have investigators on the scene within hours. Our lawyers go to the scene with an investigator and an accident reconstruction expert as soon as we’re contacted to gather any information before it’s moved.

We then take our investigation findings to the courtroom to help prove our client’s case. In many situations, this evidence is what gives the jury the level of clarity they need to make a decision about the outcome of the case.

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