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Proving an Automotive Defect Caused Your Accident or Injuries

By: Anapol Weiss

When a collision happens and someone is seriously injured, questions of liability must be answered. Very often, motorists suffer serious injury or death because of the faulty design or performance of a car, truck or van.

Consumers who believe a possible flaw in a vehicle either caused a collision, or caused injury, or failed to prevent serious injury, should contact a qualified product liability lawyer with extensive experience in automotive defects. If it is determined the defect is to blame, victims and their families can file a lawsuit to hold the manufacturer responsible for vehicle flaws.

Vehicle defects can and do involve lots of different features including faulty tires, brakes, electronic steering systems, seat belts, child safety seats, air bags, and weakly constructed roofs (only identified when a vehicle rolls over).

People who bring a claim must prove the vehicle in question is defective. There are three types of defects that can result in death or injury and give rise to a product liability claim:

  • Design defect: A design flaw can make a product unsafe even before it is manufactured, and it can result in the mass production of a defective item that is then sold all over the country.

  • Manufacturing defect: An error can occur during the course of a product’s manufacture or assembly and may affect all or some groups or lots of an item.

  • Marketing defect: Improper labeling, instructions or safety warnings can leave people unaware of the proper use and/or the precautions associated with a product.

Laws vary from state to state and include strict time limits for bringing a claim. Failure to act immediately can prevent victims from obtaining justice for the preventable harm imposed on their lives.

Motor vehicle manufacturers are expected to provide consumers with safe and dependable vehicles that are free of dangerous flaws. Their missteps can result in life-threatening consequences. Contact our highly skilled auto defect lawyers for assistance if you or a loved one was injured by a vehicle defect. We can investigate the details of the situation and answer your legal questions.