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Injuries from an Indoor Slip and Fall

By: Anapol Weiss

Property owners may be held legally responsible when they fail to take appropriate precautions or fix an issue that leads to a slip and fall injury. Below are a few conditions that can result in an indoor slip, trip and fall incident.

Floors, Carpets and Mats

When property owners mop, wax or polish their floors, they are expected to provide adequate warnings that the floors may be slippery. Barriers and warning signs may be used to alert unsuspecting people of potential hazards.

In addition, incorrect application of cleaners or polish to a floor can create liability if someone gets hurt. Property owners may also be held accountable if a slip, trip or fall occurs on an improperly maintained carpeted floor, rug or mat.

Escalators and Elevators

A high standard of safety is needed with the use and maintenance of escalators and elevators, as they transport numerous people at one time. People can fall and become badly injured when an escalator or elevator moves suddenly or unexpectedly or when articles of clothing or body parts get caught in an escalator or elevator.

To avoid catastrophic injuries, property owners are responsible for ensuring escalators and elevators are well maintained and functioning properly at all times.

Steps and Stairs

Stairs can become worn and dangerous over time if left unkempt. In addition to damaged and rounded step edges, trash and debris as well as missing handrails and non-skid surfaces can create hazards for those using the steps. A property owner may be liable for slip and fall injuries that occur on stairs when he or she knew or should have known about these hazardous conditions.

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