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2023 Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners Recall & Class Action Lawsuit

By: Anapol Weiss

Colgate-Palmolive has recently announced a recall of its popular Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners due to concerns that the products may expose consumers to harmful bacteria. This Feb. 8, 2023 recall was in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Consumers who have purchased these products are recommended to stop using them immediately.

Why were the Fabuloso products recalled?

The recall was initiated due to concerns about potentially harmful Pseudomononas species bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas fluorescens, in the affected lots of Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners. The bacteria in question, caused infections in the blood and lungs, and can lead to serious and life-threatening diseases, even death. It is particularly dangerous for those who are already immunocompromised. For these reasons, Colgate-Palmolive has taken the proactive step of recalling the affected products to protect consumers.

What products are affected by the recall?

The recalled products include five scents: Lavender, Refreshing Lemon, Passion of Fruits, Spring Fresh, and Ocean. The recall affects certain lots of Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners. The first eight digits of the recalled lot codes are 2348US78 through 2365US78 and 3001US78 through 3023US78.

Why contact a lawyer about a Fabuloso Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has been exposed to this harmful bacteria by using one of the affected Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners, you may be entitled to compensation. In some cases, exposure to this bacteria can lead to serious health complications and even death. If you have suffered harm from using one of these products, you must contact a lawyer who can help you understand your legal rights and options.

An attorney can help you determine whether you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Colgate-Palmolive, the manufacturer of the affected products. In some cases, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate if many consumers have been affected by the recall. A lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.

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