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Marni S. Berger Shares Essential Insights on Representing Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

By: Marni S. Berger, Anapol Weiss Partner

Representing Childhood Sexual Abuse VictimsRepresenting Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

In a recent publication in the Legal Intelligencer, Marni S. Berger, a distinguished partner at Anapol Weiss and an advocate for sexual abuse victims, outlines "10 Steps for Success in Representing a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse." This guide is a vital resource for legal professionals navigating the complexities of such sensitive cases.

Berger emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundational relationship with clients and limiting their exposure to the stresses of legal proceedings. Her approach focuses on protection, ensuring confidentiality, and supporting the mental health of young clients through specialized care.

Key strategies include prompt fact-finding with minimal reiteration from the client, using criminal proceedings to bolster the civil case, and effectively leveraging rape shield laws to protect clients from victim shaming. Berger also stresses the importance of engaging experts early to address non-economic emotional damages, which are often pivotal in these cases.

Marni Berger's expertise and compassionate approach shine through as she provides a blueprint for successfully navigating the legal landscape to support the most vulnerable. Her dedication to justice and client welfare makes her a standout in the field of personal injury law.

For more details on the specific strategies and legal insights shared by Marni Berger, read the full article here.