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Blog: Marni S. Berger, Anapol Weiss Partner

Marni BergerMarni Berger

Marni S. Berger, a partner at Anapol Weiss, specializes in representing victims of abuse, medical negligence, and insurance disputes. Her work is marked by a deep understanding of the intricacies of each case and a dedicated pursuit of justice for her clients, particularly in sensitive abuse cases.

  • Marni S. Berger Shares Essential Insights on Representing Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

    May 2, 2024

    In a recent publication in the Legal Intelligencer, Marni S. Berger, a distinguished partner at Anapol Weiss and an advocate for sexual abuse victims, outlines "10 Steps for Success in Representing a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse." This guide is a vital resource for legal professionals navigating the complexities of such sensitive cases. Berger emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundational relationship with clients and limiting their exposure to the stresses of legal proceedings. Her...
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