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Victims of Defective Products Deserve Justice

By: Anapol Weiss

When it comes to defective products and manufacturing defects, it doesn’t matter whether it’s something as big as a truck or as small as a child’s toy, the manufacturer should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who have been harmed by defective products are under the impression that only expensive, non-performing products can form the basis of a class action, but that is not the case. Even inexpensive products should perform as advertised with manufacturers being held accountable in cases of non-performance, including covering the costs of necessary repairs.

Some manufacturers have taken to using the magic of the “fine print” to force customers to unwittingly consent to something called “forced arbitration.” In doing so customers waive their right to sue or participate in a class action. The fact is, this practice has been abused to such an extent that it is now under review by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We believe that manufacturers should be held accountable when their product claims don’t deliver as advertised. That’s why we’ve been taking on and winning product liability cases for more than 40 years. You can learn more about our product liability practice here.

Anapol Weiss Shareholder Sol Weiss is a widely recognized expert in product liability and class action cases. If you have experienced a defective product and have questions about your rights, contact his office.