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Steps To Take After a Rental Car Accident

By: Anapol Weiss

Rental car accidents can get complicated quickly, especially when they involve injuries and other drivers. The ease in obtaining compensation depends largely on how the rental is covered by insurance. Below are a few points to know about insurance coverage and accident claims before you rent a vehicle.

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Does my personal car insurance cover my rental?

Chances are it does. To be safe, contact your insurance company before renting a car to make sure your policy will provide the coverage you need. In most cases, a policy’s comprehensive and collision coverage will extend to a rental car. Your credit card company likely provides coverage as well, but it’s important to know beforehand whether you’ll need to purchase additional coverage through the rental company. It’s important to note that overlapping coverage will not make a difference in the amount of recovery a victim receives if they are injured in an auto accident.

Where do I start in filing a claim after a rental car accident?

Fill out an accident report with the rental car company after contacting the police and seeking medical attention for any injuries you sustained. You will also need to contact your personal auto insurance company – and your credit card company if it also provided coverage – and begin an accident claim.

When should I talk to an attorney?

If the accident involved another motorist, the same rule of thumb applies when dealing with insurance companies: avoid giving written or verbal statements to anyone concerning the incident without first getting your lawyer’s approval. Insurance adjusters commonly try to record a statement before an injured claimant has an opportunity to talk to an attorney. Giving a statement can result in the insurance company denying or minimizing the claim. Victims and their families should under no circumstances talk to the other driver’s insurance company without speaking with an attorney first.

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