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Tragically each day we learn of more and more sexual abuse cases and the egregious cover-ups by organizations in Pennsylvania. Sexual abuse to children or adults is traumatic and often results in long-term effects on victims. The attorneys at Anapol Weiss will stand up for victims and fight tirelessly to hold perpetrators accountable and get justice for our clients.

Large institutions including the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and Penn State University, among others, have concealed years of sexual abuse and engaged in cover ups.

Sexual abuse is both a civil and a criminal crime

In December of 2019, Pennsylvania finally changed its child sexual abuse laws to provide victims of child sex abuse more time to file lawsuits. Under current Pennsylvania law, a person who has suffered child sexual abuse typically has until age 30 to file a civil suit against the liable parties. For adult rape or sexual assault civil suits, a person has two years from the date of injury to file a claim. Victims have until age 50 to file criminal charges against the offender.

What to expect in a sex abuse lawsuit

Anapol Weiss is a personal injury law firm that manages the civil aspect of lawsuits for sexual abuse. Civil sexual abuse cases, whether for children or adults, are litigated as negligence cases. Our attorneys work to prove that the institution or business breached their duty to protect the victim from a foreseeable risk of harm. Compensation in sexual abuse cases is for the pain and suffering and lost income of the victims of abuse.

We hold abusers accountable

Often individuals are victimized in the very places they rely upon for care. Abuse can happen anywhere, including in what should be a safe environment by the people they place their trust in. We work to obtain compensation for victims who have been harmed in numerous situations including:

  • Healthcare providers. We represent victims of assault or rape at nursing homes, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, group homes and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Schools and colleges. If a student is sexually assaulted on campus by a school employee, teacher, coach or student, the university or institution can be liable to the victim.
  • Property and hotel owners. We represent individuals in cases against property owners, including hotels, who have failed to protect their guests from sexual assault
  • Organized community groups. We’ve represented clients in negligence claims against such institutions as churches and religious groups, summer camps, youth recreation programs, etc.

What to expect with Anapol Weiss

Anapol Weiss has the experience to handle your case with care and expertise. Partner Miriam Barish is a seasoned trial attorney who always advocates for her clients and has experience litigating abuse cases.

Clients our firm has successfully represented include:

  • A woman who was sexually assaulted while an inpatient at a psychiatric facility by another patient was settled for $600,000
  • A minor student who was abused and assaulted by a school administrator at a private catholic school settled for $450,000.
  • Cases of abuse against institutions where the victims suffered injuries as a result of neglect while in their care.
  • A severely autistic boy swallowed 45 toy magnets while an impatient at a Residential Care Facility resulting in emergent surgery, which settled for $400,000.
  • The Kids Win class action lawsuit whereby youths were kept unlawfully in juvenile detention centers for bribes was successfully litigated and settled by Anapol Weiss law firm

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