Stephen Pokiniewski Covers Collateral Source Rule in Legal Intelligencer

Posted on January 8, 2016

“After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the defense in catastrophic injury cases has attempted to use the act to limit the plaintiff’s claim for future medical expenses,” explains attorney Stephen Pokiniewski in his recent article for The Legal Intelligencer.

In the article, Pokiniewski describes legal issues that have arisen in catastrophic personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as a result of arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act and its implications about compensation for future medical expenses.

Pokiniewski cites Deeds v. University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in which the Superior Court in Pennsylvania recently addressed this issue. For plaintiffs’ counsel, Pokiniewski argues, “Deeds is an important decision to utilize any time a collateral source issue arises.”

Click here to read the full article published in The Legal Intelligencer.

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