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Philadelphia Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney

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Xarelto is a medication doctors prescribe to patients who may have trouble with blood clots. Also known as its generic name, rivaroxaban, it is an anticoagulant – a blood thinner. Physicians often rely on this medication instead of other anticoagulants to prevent the formation of blood clots like warfarin, apixaban, or dabigatran. Janssen Pharmaceuticals created this oral medication to treat patients at high risk for blood clots.

Doctors have relied on Xarelto because it can prevent or treat dangerous diagnoses, such as:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are blood clots in the lungs. DVT, which doctors also call pulmonary embolism, can happen post-surgery. The surgery, along with the anesthetics and lack of patient movement, are a perfect storm for blood clots.
  • Atrial fibrillation is a heart rhythm disorder that can be very uncomfortable for those who suffer from it. Since those who suffer from atrial fibrillation also have an increased risk of stroke from blood clot, many doctors prescribe Xarelto to treat the a-fib and as a preventative measure against stroke.

Side Effects of Xarelto

Like most prescriptions, there are many side effects to Xarelto – some of which affect most patients and some which affect none. A few of the most common side effects, in addition to bleeding, are:

  • Bloody gums/stools/coughs/noses
  • Increased menstrual flow
  • Back pain
  • Bladder/bowel dysfunction
  • Burning/tingling in skins
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness/headaches
  • Paralysis
  • Coffee-ground like vomit/bloody vomit

A few of the less common side effects or Xarelto are:

  • Pain in legs or arms
  • Fainting
  • Wound secretion

Some rare side effects that still occur are burning during urination and more difficult urination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xarelto initially for patients who underwent knee or hip replacement to reduce incidents of blood clot and stroke. In a fast-track review – when the FDA expedites the release of a drug – the FDA approved Xarelto for DVT and PE.

The Risks of Taking Xarelto

Though patients and doctors alike often look forward to the release of new drugs that can make recovery easier, fast-tracking drugs can lead to more suffering, as is the case with Xarelto. For instance, one dangerous side effect of the medication is uncontrolled bleeding. Because the bleeding is internal, doctors may not immediately realize what is happening. When bleeding occurs near a major organ, like the lungs, kidneys or brain, it interrupts the blood flow to that organ. When this happens, the affected organ will either not work well or stop working all together.

Pools of blood within the body – another problem that happens in patients taking Xarelto – has other serious health risks, like brain bleeds (parenchymal hemorrhages), which can be fatal. Unfortunately, there is currently no antidote for brain bleeds. Though less dangerous, research also suggests that Xarelto can raise the risk of wound complications in those who have undergone hip or knee replacement. Such complications include infection and leakage and may require the patient to undergo additional surgeries.

Help After Taking Xarelto

If you’ve taken Xarelto and you are having serious side effects, don’t wait. Speak with your physician immediately. Before you stop taking Xarelto or any medications, you should discuss the repercussions with your doctor. Documenting the hazardous effect of this medication may help you if you decide litigation is your best recourse for financial recovery.

After a major surgery, complications are common. The drugs you take to prevent those complications shouldn’t mean more pain and further surgery. The lists included in this are not exhaustive; there can be further difficulties depending on the patient, the surgery, and the post-operative care.

To find out if your response to Xarelto is similar to others, contact an attorney experienced with class action or mass tort lawsuits. We at Anapol Weiss are an experienced team of injury lawyers who approach each case seriously. Call today to set up your free consultation.