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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer

In Philadelphia, PA many locals and visitors take buses to travel around and sightsee. While passenger buses typically provide a convenient, safe, and cost-effective form of transportation, accidents do happen. In mid-2016, for example, 28 people (including two pedestrians) suffered injuries in an accident involving a SEPTA bus, a tractor trailer, and a jeep just outside of Philly.

If you step on a bus or walk your child to the school bus stop in the morning, you expect a certain level of safety and security from the bus driver. When bus drivers or other drivers on the roadways contribute to devastating accidents involving passenger buses, injured passengers have the right to seek legal restitution.

Often, a civil claim provides the only source of compensation and justice available after a preventable accident. At Anapol Weiss, our Philadelphia bus accident attorneys fight relentlessly for our clients’ rights to damages. We handle all accidents involving passenger buses, shuttles, and trolleys.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can happen as the result of operator error, passenger vehicle driver errors, dangerous road hazards, or bus defects and malfunctions. Like all commercial vehicles, bus companies must maintain their buses according to federal regulatory requirements. When properly maintained, buses themselves rarely contribute to dangerous and deadly accidents.

Human error, on the other hand, plays some role in many bus accident cases. Distractions, improper handling, substance abuse, and other acts of negligence can turn a safe trip into a deadly nightmare. Commercial bus drivers must maintain a professional driver’s license and use an exceptionally high standard of care while driving. When they fail to meet a reasonable standard of care, they and/or their employers may face the consequences. Passenger vehicle drivers must also exercise caution on the roadways. Distractions, unsafe driving behaviors, and other actions can change the course of someone’s life in an instant.

Liability in Bus Accident Cases

After a bus accident, investigators will comb the incident scene and gather evidence to determine liability. Insurers, bus companies, and attorneys may all conduct investigations to answer the question, “Who is liable?” Based on witness accounts, evidence of speed, camera recordings, bus evaluations, and driver questioning, injury victims may hold the bus company, responsible drivers, auto manufacturers, and reckless passengers liable for resulting damages.

At Anapol Weiss, we use investigative findings to identify the responsible party and initiate legal actions against the person or company. Our team of bus accident attorneys will use every resource and piece of evidence at our disposal to prove that the defendant was negligent and responsible for causing resulting injuries. We believe in helping every accident victim obtain closure and justice after devastating and preventable bus accidents.

Taking Action After a Bus Accident

Immediately after an accident, take steps to protect your legal rights. Stick to the facts when you give your statement to law enforcement professionals, seek medical care even if you don’t think you’re injured, and do not accept any initial offers of settlement from the liable party. Keep accurate records of everything that takes place, including receipts associated with medical care and information about time away from work. Later, every piece of information may affect a legal claim and the amount of compensation the courts award.

Talk to a Philadelphia Bus Accident Attorney

After a bus accident, bus companies and insurers may try to contact everyone injured during the accident. You may even receive a call from an attorney trying to put together a mass tort. At Anapol Weiss, we understand the effects a preventable bus accident can have on those involved. From severe whiplash injuries to wrongful death, we represent those who suffer severe and lasting injuries in all bus accidents throughout Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. To learn more about our commitment to serving wrongfully injured clients, contact our office today.