Class Actions

 A class action lawsuit involves multiple individuals who have suffered the same harm resulting from the same conduct of a person or business. Class actions allow one or more plaintiffs to file and pursue a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, which is called “the Class.”

The Class benefits greatly by pursuing one lawsuit together. Plaintiffs involved in class actions have the advantage of better and more efficient legal representation, because one or more lead attorneys can focus their efforts on the needs of the Class.

Class action lawsuits may involve defective products that have endangered, hurt or killed people. They may also involve unfair, deceptive or misleading consumer practices, data breaches, unfair insurance practices and other corporate misconduct. Employment-related class actions may be filed when a company violates rules meant to protect its employees and ensure they receive the proper wages for their work. No matter the cause of the harm, victims deserve justice, and they gain power when they join together to make the wrongdoer take responsibility.

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