Motor Vehicle Defects

Vehicle owners and passengers have a right to expect the best protection possible. To reduce the risk of harm to motorists in the event of an automobile accident, research programs regularly develop and upgrade standards for vehicle design and safety. Vehicles must be crashworthy. 

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for effectively designing and producing vehicles and parts that do the following:

  • Protect drivers and passengers with effective front and side airbags
  • Effectively restrain vehicle occupants with seatbelts
  • Prevent rollovers or at least design vehicles so that in a rollover the structure does not crush in on the occupants
  • Provide safety in both front and rear seats
  • Protect child occupants with child restrain systems
  • Prevent vehicle ejection

When a motor vehicle defect results in death or catastrophic injury during a collision, victims and their families deserve to know what happened and who is responsible.

Contact our firm today for assistance if you suspect a defect had a role in your injuries or a loved one’s death resulting from an auto accident. Our team has decades of experience and success obtaining justice for victims injured as a result of automotive defects.